#LAFC X River Island

River Island: River Island is predominantly known as one of the most stylish retailers on the High Street today. With an operation of six online sites catering for four different currencies and a whopping 350 stores across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle-East and Asia, it is fair to say that they are a very well established brand within the public eye today. 

#LAFC: One of their most recent campaigns has caused quite a lot of positive praise. Labels are for Clothes #LAFC is the hashtag associated with the launch of the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. This campaign incorporates a wide range of diversity and different body types among the models within the commercial. As a brand I believe this is extremely important to highlight that this is perfectly fine and we should accept different types of individuals to model clothes, instead of the stereotypical approach that all models should be nothing other than size 8 and a certain height. Times have definitely changed and hopefully for the better. 

AW 18 Campaign Part 1:


Within this campaign there is a range of different types of models they want to promote with different ethnic backgrounds body sizes, and disabilities. These have all came together as one to model the clothes and make a real impression on us the spectators. This was such a moving campaign they even made a part 2.


AW 18 Campaign Part 2:


River Island have done a pretty good job in this recent campaign for their new collection. It is extremely important in today’s society to respect those who may appear or seem different to us. The key and most important message here is that labels are for clothes, in simple terms means that we shouldn’t just judge somebody because of their weight, ethnicity or disabilities and determine their capabilities of doing something. These campaign videos highlight that each and every one of the models although different still all serve the same purpose, to model River Islands clothing. A campaign like this is majorly important to advertise within the public eye to make people aware that it is okay to look different and to be happy with who we are.


The Website Homepage:



On the main website for River Island there is a section on the header called inspiration and within this link is an archive of the most recent campaigns and a description of each model within that campaign. This is a really interesting read for those who may be interested in finding more about the different types of models River Island chose to associate with their brand.


Mama Cax | River Island 

Mama Cax is one of  the models that part-took in this campaign. Other than her modelling career she is known to be a blogger and a motivational speaker. Mama has an encouraging story about her battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer at a young age of 14. She had been through many treatments all the way through but it soon resulted in her leg being amputated. Now a survivor of the illness she now embraces her prosthetic leg which doesn’t hold her back from anything.

Mama was invited to the White House to part-take in the first ever White House Fashion show. Mama uses her social media to talk about body positivity and highlight that those with disabilities shouldn’t be perceived to look a certain way because of the way they are. River Island got to know a little more about Mama and loved her attitude and energy for promoting different body types.

I am a firm believer that we need more campaigns like this for the future and it shouldn’t be just River Island to promote it. This is the 21st century and there is plenty of room and time for change.  





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